Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cold Electrics- Y'know, For Charity

So, I figured it would be good to start out with something that's been playing consistently in my iTunes, car, and head for the past year. No one has heard of this album, so it might be great for the 3 people who read this to know about this album.

Cold Electrics is one guy. Knowing that, the album gets a lot more impressive from the get go. The album is a study in being a musician with access to a professional studio.  It also becomes a study in how much liquor you can imbibe and still make important music (although, it begs the question if there really is a quantifiable amount of booze).

Leading with "Sorry, I Don't Speak Homeless", the album gets off to a odd time start that pops up in other tracks. Although Faraquet may come to mind, it's very approachable for people with a straight ahead on the 4 palate. The instrumentation for the most part is sparse; mostly baritone guitar, bass, and drums. Songs like "Blood-Sucking Eldon Makes You Feel WORSE" and "Tahana Make You Feel DIFF'RENT" throw in some variance to the album, but the album really doesn't have a moment where it lacks. The track that really caught my ear was "I Know You're Not Changing The Notes". It has that nice guttural, disenfranchised sound that just gets my whistle wet (and other body parts).

Sean, the soul and being of Cold Electrics, is mainly a guitarist. Drummers may be slightly bored, but who cares about what they think. I mean, seriously. If you think a guitar is a phallic statement, tell me how you can get away with a 30 piece drum set and it not have anything to do with your junk (I'm looking at you, Bozzio)? However, as Sean has more drum chops than I can ever hope to have, it's completely forgivable. The album is very warm tonally. For ears used to happy face EQs and blindingly skronky guitars, you're in for something different.

All and all, this is certainly worth giving at least 2 listens. Seeing as you can also get the album for free, you have nothing holding you back. Download it at-

And, while you're there, donate $5 or something if you like the album. Money helps make sure that more music gets made.

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